Detection of Intrusions and Malware & Vulnerability Assessment

DIMVA 2004

July 6-7
Dortmund, Germany

Workshop Report, DIMVA 2004, July 6-7, Dortmund, Germany

Along with the growing dependency of our society on information technology systems (IT), questions regarding IT security are becoming more urgent. While up to now primarily preventive measures and mechanisms were focused, it becomes more and more apparent that IT security cannot be reached by prevention alone. Rather, preventive measures and reactive aspects need to complement one another.

The special interest group SIDAR (Security - Intrusion Detection and Response) of the Security and Safety division of the German Informatics Society (GI) focuses on reactive aspects of IT security and closely related topics. The SIG SIDAR Workshop DIMVA 2004, that took place on July 6th and 7th 2004 in Dortmund, Germany, was the first workshop in the German-speaking area that was dedicated to the topics Intrusion Detection, Malicious Agents (Malware) and Vulnerability Assessment.

The program committee received 41 submissions from authors from twelve countries on three continents. 78% of the papers originate from authors from Europe. Most papers were submitted by authors from the following countries: Germany (26), USA (4), United Arab Emirates (3), Iran (2) and Switzerland (2). 19 papers (46%) have been selected for presentation at the workshop and 14 papers (39%) thereof have been accepted for publication in the workshop proceedings in the LNI series. Five short papers (12%) have been published on the website of the workshop.

The workshop program comprised new theoretical and practical approaches and results from research as well as experience reports on the principal topic Intrusion Detection and on the topics Honeypots, Vulnerabilities and Malware. At the beginning of the workshop Hans-Michael Hepp (Intelligent Risk Solutions) gave an opening keynote on "Techniques for transaction analysis for early misuse detection in credit card business".

More than a hundred participants from academia (54%), industry (36%) and government (10%) from six countries attended the workshop. The pattern of participation was as follows: authors (28%), program committee (17%) and miscellaneous (55%).

We thank the participants for their exceedingly positive feedback and for their request for a DIMVA workshop in 2005. The preparations are already running. We warmly thank all those who have contributed to the success of the workshop.

The presentations and short papers are available on the website of the workshop:

July 2004
Ulrich Flegel, Michael Meier


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